How to ride

How To Ride The Bus

If you are new to our bus system, here are several things you should know before making your trip.

Simple steps you can follow that help make your trip a safe one:

  • Plan your route ahead of time.
  • Locate your origin and destination bus stops prior to your fist day of commuting on the bus.
  • Get to the bus stop at least five minutes early.  If you're sitting on a bench, stand when you see the bus approaching to signal the driver to stop.
  • Never walk directly in front of or behind a bus.  The operator and other drivers may not see you.
  • Check the head sign listed above the windshield to make sure you board the right bus. 
  • Have your correct fare ready. Drivers cannot take checks and do not carry change.
  • When the bus arrives, step aboard through the front door.  If you need any assistance with a connecting route, ask the driver.  Once completed, find a comfortable location for your ride.  
  • In slippery winter conditions, be extra careful getting on and off the bus. 
  • As your stop approaches, ring the chime or pull the signal cord located along the interior windows.  This signals the driver to stop at the next stop.
  • Exit through the rear door.

A&MRTS Bus Stops

For your convenience, A&MRTS  has installed bus stop signs along routes that indicate where you can board the bus. Also, the head sign will indicate what route the bus is currently servicing.  Since there may be other people standing by the stop who do not want to ride the bus, be sure to wave at the bus as it approaches. Flagging eliminates unnecessary stops and guarantees you faster, more efficient service.

On the Bus

  • Keep the aisle clear of tripping hazards such as bags, backpacks, and briefcases.
  • Stand back from the front of the bus so the operator has a clear view of the doorway and mirrors.
  • Sit where you can see your upcoming stop.

For safety reasons, you cannot go barefoot on the bus, nor wear skates or rollerblades. You you must wear a shirt.


  • Take extra care when traveling with young children.  Hold their hand when boarding and exiting.  Keep them seated to avoid falls and bumps, and watch that they don't put their hands and head out of the window.            
  • Hold strollers securely, put on their brakes and keep the aisle clear, or hold your child and fold the stroller.

Lost and Found

Please check your seat before leaving the bus and make sure you have all your belongings.  However, if you do leave something, you may call the A&MRTS office at (707) 822-3775.  Every attempt will be made to recover your lost item. Lost and found items can be picked up at 925 E Street, Arcata.  Items will be kept up to 30 days, so please pick up your items within that time.


All of our buses are wheelchair lift equipped.  If you are unable to manage your wheelchair, try to get someone to come with you to help.  For additional assistance or step by step trial instructions for boarding your wheelchair, please contact the A&MRTS office for an appointment.

Reduced Fares for Seniors & Disabled

Reduced fares on fixed route buses are available to senior citizens and disabled persons who have been certified.  Forms are available at the A&MRTS office.  I.D. cards from other systems will be honored.

We can help

  • If you feel uncomfortable because of other individuals onboard, or are unsure about stops and bus riding logistics, sit near the front of the bus.
  • If you're lost or feel sick, harrassed or threatened, speak to the operator who will help or radio for help.

If you have any concerns please call (707) 822-3775.